The Journal of Sustainable Livestock applies a publication charge to cover the costs associated with the publication process and to ensure the sustainability of the journal. The following details the publication charge for the journal:

1. Article Processing Charge (APC):
The publication charge for the Journal of Sustainable Livestock is set at freely per accepted article. This charge is typically paid by the authors or their supporting institutions.

2. Fee Waivers and Discounts:
The journal recognizes that authors from certain regions or institutions may face financial constraints in covering the publication charge. As part of our commitment to inclusivity and promoting global research collaboration, the Journal of Sustainable Livestock may offer fee waivers or discounts on a case-by-case basis. Eligibility for fee waivers or discounts will be considered based on factors such as the author's country of residence, institutional affiliation, or funding availability. Authors can refer to the journal's guidelines or contact the editorial office for more information on eligibility and the application process.

3. Transparent Fee Structure:
The publication charge for the Journal of Sustainable Livestock is transparent, and authors will be informed about the fee at the time of acceptance of their article. The publication charge covers the cost of editorial services, peer review process, typesetting, copyediting, DOI assignment, online hosting, and digital preservation of the article.

4. Payment Process:
Upon acceptance of the article for publication, authors will receive an invoice detailing the publication charge and payment instructions. Payment can be made through various methods, including bank transfer or online payment platforms. The journal will provide clear instructions regarding the payment process to ensure a smooth and secure transaction.

5. Value for Investment:
The publication charge contributes to the visibility and accessibility of the published research in the Journal of Sustainable Livestock. It ensures that the articles are freely available to readers worldwide without any subscription or paywall barriers. Open access publication increases the visibility, impact, and citation potential of the research, facilitating knowledge dissemination and fostering collaborations.

The Journal of Sustainable Livestock is committed to maintaining a fair and sustainable publication charge that aligns with industry standards and supports the open access model. The revenue generated from the publication charge directly supports the operational and administrative costs associated with running the journal and maintaining high-quality publishing standards.

Please note that the specific publication charge for the Journal of Sustainable Livestock may vary and is subject to change. Authors are advised to refer to the journal's website or contact the editorial office for the most up-to-date information regarding the publication charge.